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Environmental Management

The environmental management is a technique aimed at greatly reducing the presence of weeds, diseases, pest insects… in a way that is efficient, economical, and envionmentally friendly.

-          Mowing lawns at 6-7 cm in height improves shoot density and reduces weed invasion.

-          Soil aerification reduces soil compaction and increases water infiltration, air penetration and plant nutrient movement in the soil to boost lawn growth.

-          Liming reduces soil acidity which increases nutrient absorption by plants.

-          Continuous scouting to identify diseases, pest insects, and weeds is a key factor to the success of this environmental management.

Funds for Research and Scouting

Services Pro-Vert now invests in a research project at Laval University to know the environmental impact of lawn fertilization on streams. Services Pro-Vert is also a partner in a scouting project of urban ecology named ‘’Parecour’’.

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